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Digital Transformation Compass

Digital Transformation is a fascinating and an important topic. The word “Digital Transformation” carries a manifold of meanings and stories.

No single story tells it all. Each story adds a piece but what happens when you put them all together? What story is that?

The ‘Digital Transformation Compass’ offers a way to make sense of all those stories and interweave them together. The compass enables discussions and deliberations without falling off too early.

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Dont’s and Anti-patterns

It is worthwhile to complement advice on effective ways of thinking and doing with opposite do-not advice. This section provides commonly occuring problematic attitudes and behavours that are proven to be counterproductive and deserve to be recognised by practitioners.

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Talking Point Canvas

A Talking Point Canvas is 1-page communication tool that has talking points for communication. The canvas organise talking points in illustrations, diagrams or boxes and they fit on an A5 to A2 paper, Powerpoint page, or a web page.

The purpose is typically to organise and focus communications, discussions and deliberations on a particular topic consisting of several talking points and dimensions.

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Bricks and Mortars Practice - At a Glance

The Bricks and Mortars is a practice used to analyse and create canvases. A canvas is tool that allows teams to, in a structured and simplified manor, capture and visualise some subject matter.

The Grounding Principle

The Grounding Principle apply to ideas and phenomenons that relate to something in an organisation, company, project, enterprise, or any other study or analysis object. These entities are grounded and should not exist by themselves without a clear grounding.

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